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Majority of Tennessee Counties See Unemployment Rates Drop

Did You Know? Stories From Legislative Librarian Eddie Weeks On January 30, 1871, Governor Dewitt Clinton Senter signed into law Chapter LXVI (66) of the Third Session of the Thirty-sixth General Assembly of the State of Tennessee.  This Act created "a New County out...

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Andrew Farmer Law offers Bankruptcy Protection Plans

Andrew Farmer Law understands and sympathizes with your financial situation. We know that increasing debt can affect anyone, so our bankruptcy clients have many faces. Fortunately, we know how to help you get back on track.  You have Options Everyone deserves a second...

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Tennessee Family Law: Separate and Marital Property

It's not easy to understand how Tennessee law governs the distribution of property regarding a divorce. Divorce is a growing issue and Andrew Farmer Law understand that when these complicated issues arise, so does the need for answers. We are here to provide those...

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Things you need to know after a serious car accident

Life can be confusing, frustrating, and painful after a serious accident. We understand. At The Law Offices of Andrew E. Farmer, our personal injury attorneys are committed to making sure you get the money you deserve when you've been hurt by...

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Who better to argue the law, than an actual lawmaker?

Andrew Farmer is Tennessee’s premier attorney and member of the Tennessee House of Representatives. Offering a variety of legal solutions to his clients, he is one of the most sought after and successful lawyers in the great state of Tennessee. Call Andrew Farmer Law at 865-428-6737 to discuss your needs today.

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