Andrew Farmer fights for the rights of the people of Tennessee

Protecting your rights as a Tennessean

Andrew Farmer has spent his entire career fighting for the people of the great state of Tennessee. Andrew’s continued fortitude and desire to create change, garnered him an elected seat in the State Legislature in 2012, at the age of 33. Andrew represents the 17th District of Tennessee as one of 99 representatives for the six million citizens in  the state of Tennessee. Among many others, he was the recipient of the 2013 Presidents Award from the Tennessee Bar Association and was a 2009 graduate of the National Criminal Defense College.

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Since our practice opened, we have offered a variety of legal solutions to clients in many areas. We are experienced, compassionate and results-driven for our clients. We treat every case with the same dedication and personalized care you deserve.

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We believe in community participation, taking action for the people and contributing resources. Giving back to the communities and organizations we serve in Tennessee is one of the driving forces behind everything we do.


Andrew Farmer Law is a results-driven firm that focuses on providing favorable results for our clientele. Our practice ranges from complex criminal trials to bringing families together through the miracle of adoption. Inspired by our community, we put passion into everything we do.

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